Sergio Larrinaga


Madeline Rodriguez


A graduate of the National School of Arts in Havana in Afro-Cuban and traditional dance, former ballet dancer of Cienfuegos. Dancer, choreographer, school dance teacher Cubanadanse in Paris and trainer of teachers, she worked in France since 1994.founder and director of several schools including Mi Tierra, Salsyando, Cubanadanse. Founder of the folk group " Batakin ".
Today, Madeline is sought worldwide and was invited as a teacher and dancer in France, Europe, America South Chine.Elle and is present in festivals and congresses of the Cuban dance around the monde.on are found throughout Europe and other countries where it is required in many festivals and congresses. Today , Director and Professor of the Salsyando Association in Toulouse (France).

Jennyselt Galata Calvo


Jennyselt Galata Calvo is one of the most famous and respected dancer and teacher of Cuban folklore dances. She was born in Havana, where she still lives. She graduated at ENA ( Escuela nacional de Arte) where later she was one of the main teacher. Also, she completed her education at Conjunto Folclorico Nacional. Almost 20 years she is working at CNSEA (Centro Nacional de Superación de la Enseñanza Artística) as a dance teacher for visitors from every part of the world. At well known movies about Cuban folklore, "The Black Roots of salsa" and "La rumba no va a morir", she was one of the main actors.

Since 2005. she is a part one of the best and the most famous Cuban folclore group in the world, Yoruba Andabo.

At Yoruba Andabo, Jennyselt Galata Calvo is the main dancer, choreographer and singer. With this group she traveled a lot and with her energy, knowledge, way of dancing and strenght, collected admiration of lovers of Cuban folklor around the world.

Yoannis Tamayo Castillo


The official dancer of “Casa de la Trova” in Santiago de Cuba and Eliades Ochoa, since he was 18 years old, YoannisTamayo considers his style as "afrofusion" , a wonderful blend of traditional dances (salsa, son ...) and Afro-Cuban culture (rumba, afro ...). Yoannis lives in France for last two years and travels around the world to participate at the most prestigious international congresses. He is recognized for his talent as a dancer but also as a teacher for having an exceptional pedagogy. Yoannis will seduce you as dancer, choreographer and teacher with his great energy, talent and generosity.

Andy Gonzalo


He was born in Cuba, in the heart of Havana and come from a humble family. Andy grew up in a neighbourhood where the art was lived and breathed in all it's facets. Since very young he felt a deep connection and dependence to this art, being committed to live, breathe and share this art. This heritage led him to accomplish his dreams and goals and gave him the possibility to work with different dance companies and projects like "Conjunto Folclórico Nacional de Cuba", "Raíces profundas" and "Agrupación Músico Danzaria Osain del Monte”.

Reynaldo Salazar Gullien


Reynaldo Salazar Guillen, raised in Santiago de Cuba begins when 8-year-old to dance, and later studied at the Escuela de Instructores de Arte and at the Instituto Superior de Arte. He graduated as a licensed dancer, dance teacher and choreographer who specializes in the Bailes Populares Afro Cubano & many years and works for the Cultural Centre in Santiago with children, youths. and adults, e.g. at the Universita Oriente. At the same time Reynaldo has been working as director of choreography for the group ALL STARS Santiago de Cuba, and for many great events par example the great carnival in his city.Together with ALL STARS, he wins over the past few years, numerous national competitions, each year's first place in the large Evento Bailar Casino in Havana at ALL STARS, where they dance with well-known groups like Los Van Van Live, Maykel Blanco, Charanga Habanera on stage .Since 2010, Reynaldo in Germany and leads in Wangen im Allgäu, together with his wife Catherine Roth the dance school

Eneris Mulgado


Yuliet Estrada


Yuliet was born and raised in Havana, where the dance has been a big part of her life since she was a child. She developed herself further as a dancer through her dance education from Conjunto Folclorico de la Universidad de La Habana. In 2008 Yuliet moved to Oslo in Norway. She has worked as a dancer and choreographer for Danseglede that houses one of the largest dance schools in Cuban salsa in the city. She is a very popular teacher at festivals around the world, both among the participants but also among her colleagues, because she is always in a good mood and knows how to spread happiness wherever she is. Teaching the classes her focus is on rhythm, technique and the joy of dancing and specializing in teaching Salsa, Reggaeton, Son, Rumba and Afro Cuban .

Saul Perez Valdes


In 1986 Saul Perez began dancing Afro-Cuban and popular dances in the Conjunto Folklórico at the University of Havana. For 16 years he was a member of this company which presented itself in the most important theatres of Cuba, Nicaragua and Mexico. During the last years he was the choreographer and artistic director of the company. 2005 he made the choreography Soyí which was performed at the International Festival of African Roots Weimilere in Guanabacoa, Cuba and obtained the First Prize.

The same year Saul Perez moved to Sweden and since then has been teaching Afro-Cuban and Cuban popular dances as well as performing as dancer and musician. He gives regular classes of Cuban dances in his own dance school in Stockholm: Cumbé. Saul Perez has given dance classes in Danshögskolan (The College of Dance), Balletakademien, Kungliga Musikhögskolan, Stockholms Danscenter and Danscompagniet as well as Norway, Finland, Estonia, Poland, Russia (Saint Petersburg), Belgium, Denmark, Germany and Spain. He has also worked as cha cha cha coach for Cullbergballeten in Sweden.

Yeni Molinet


She began her artistic career when she was 5 years old in children Dance courses at the Casa de la Cultura of Placetas - Villa Clara (Cuba). In 2003 she graduated to a "Professional Dancer and Teacher of Folk Dances" with the maximum evaluation and she was incorporated in the main ballet of Conjunto Folklorico Nacional de Cuba.In 2004, following her professional career in the Conjunto Folklorico Nacional de Cuba, she also became the selector judge in the "Escuela Nacional de Variedades y Espetaculos" in the specialty of "Folklore".

In September 2007 she moved to Udine (Italy), where she Graduated to "Master of Caribbean Dance" - "Gold", the highest level of FIDS - CONI and founded her Academia de Baile Yeni y su Danza Estelar. She is currently a Teacher and a Dancer who participates in the most important international conferences and festivals; she is recognized for her artistic and professional talent, charisma, grace and elegance that stipulate her as one of the best.

Emilito Herrera


Emilito Herrera was born in Cuba and has been dancing various Latin dances since the age of 5, especially Salsa. Since 2002 he has been living in Germany, where he manages his salsa dance school Cuban Salsa Power in Augsburg. He has won a reputation as an amusing, high-spirited dancer and instructor who can boast of an enormous talent. He surely demonstrates how he puts all his heart and passion into getting people to move to the rhythms of Latin America. Together with his group Cuban Salsa Power he was the German champion in Rueda de Casino in 2007 and in collaboration with Reynaldo Salazar again in 2011.

Since 2005 he has been teaching at international festivals in Europe, for example CUBAMEMUCHO (Warsaw, Toulouse, Budapest, Amsterdam and of course Munich), RUEDAFESTIVAL (Stuttgart), SALSA STRAS' FESTIVAL (Straßburg), DIAS CUBANOS (Amsterdam), TIMBACHATA (Gran Canaria) and many more. At these events, he often danced with the most popular salsa bands like La Reve, Los Van Van, Charanga Habanera, Calle Real, Manolito Simonet and many more.



JFredy Garcia Batista, better known as FredyClan, studied at the ‘Escuela Nacional de Arte’ (ENA) and at the ‘Instituto Superior de Arte’ (ISA) in Cuba and graduated each as best of the year. Since then he has been working as a dancer and choreographer for various productions in theatre, television, film and music in Cuba and in many other countries all over the world. Many well-known names of Cuban and international artist highlight the path of his career. Compay Segundo, Oscar de León and La India to name just some of them. In the beginning of the millennium ‘Carlos Manuel y su Clan’ have been number one of the Cuban groups for around five years. In those years Fredy performed for them as choreographer and dancer and whole Cuba was dancing the choreographies from ‘Carlos Manuel y su Clan’. Carlos and Fredy became close friends and at this time Fredy created his stage name ‘FredyClan’. Amongst others Fredy also worked with La Charanga Habanera and Bamboleo. Performing as dancer as well as organizing the shows as choreographer he participated in many of their national and international concerts.

With Alexander Abreu, the bandleader of ‘Havana d’Primera’, Fredy studied arts in Cuba. Since then they are like brothers and so they always enjoy working together as they recently did on tour with ‘The Bar at BuenaVista’. Besides this Fredy also has a successful career as a teacher. Private lessons, workshops, courses, festivals or congresses, one student or 100, absolute beginners or professionals – he does not want to decide what he likes more. Each type of lesson is a different kind of challenge and requires its own special methodology of teaching. To see the students having fun and to observe their progress, fills him with pride and gives his work meaning.

Tito Garmendia


Jorge Luis Garmendia-Tito was born in 1984. in Havana, Cuba. From his childhood he was interested in dance, learning his first dancing steps on the streets of Havana. As years pased by he decided to take carier as profesional dancer, dedicating himself to his love for dance, making great effort to educate himself and overcome all the obstacles in his way, realising that more he learn he will be better.

Dominating various dance styles and being member of different dance companies he gained many different experiences. Passing knowledge to other people who share his passion, he founded his school of dance in which on daily bases is sharing joy of dancing.

DJ Javier 'la maquina de cuba'


Javier came to the UK 15 years ago from Havana Cuba, where he worked at the Castillito Cultural Centre and was involved in various musical activities. He has been DJ-ing in the UK since his arrival, playing Salsa and Timba Cubana, Reggaeton, latin Hip-Hop and R & B to suit the occasion. He was a finalist in the Bacardi's DJ Competition at Havana, Hanover Square in 2003 and featured in iD :London magazine (October 2005 edition) as one of the UKs leading emerging acts in the urban latin music scene. He has been voted ‘best Cuban DJ’ in the UK at Cuba Uk’s International Cuban Salsa Congress, November 2006./7/8

DJ Leo


DjLeOCuba born 1987 in Las Tunas, Cuba moved to Germany aged fifteen. Just a short time later he started to work as DJ at small events.Over the years he gathered more and more experience in the salsa scene of Stuttgart - one of the best in Europe. Beside this he is also an enthusiastic dancer and work for different dancing schools as Salsa- and Rueda de Casino teacher. DjLeOCuba achieved his great breakthrough in 2010 with status as resident DJ in various Clubs in and outside of Stuttgart (Germany) and with the first bookings for salsa festivals. Meanwhile he is renowned also outside of Germany and regularly booked for different festivals all over Europe. He represents the perfect mixture of best and newest Cuban Salsa music, such as Timba, but as well Salsa classic hits, Son and hot Cubatón. To summarize DjLeOCuba is the “Timbero de la Salsa scene”.

DJ El Gato Volador


He began his career as a collector with profound knowledge of Popular Cuban Music since 1999 and from 2006 he is professional DJ specialist of Cuban Music with great success and a lot of fans. Since year 2010, the organizers named him as the official DJ at various International Festivals and Congresses